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Hi there, I am Takayuki, langrey Inc CEO. 
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wholesale japanese items

We offer Japanese products at attractive wholesale prices

We maintain strong relationships with many different manufacturers in Japan; therefore, 
we sell popular Japanese products overseas with our attractive prices.
As a wholesaler, we can sell Japanese goods to retail stores or online stores around the world.
We also do international transport for large lots as well.

We hope to form a strong business relationships and to grow together.
Organic cotton

 We are the #1 seller of Japanese organic cotton puffs - perfect for skin care and facial cleansing.
Also, a highly popular product among vapors lovers.
We sell it wholesale in large quantities to vapor shops around the world at a very cheap price!!

Organic Cotton M size
*Same as MUJI size

Organic Cotton l size
*Same as Koh Gen Do size

Available for OEM

100% Organic Cotton


World famous Japanese Anime, and Manga goods. 
Very popular in US, EU, and Asia.
Different kinds of toys available, please ask us if we have it.

Crystal Gallery Series

Ensky Jigsaw Puzzle

Sanei Super Mario Series

Sekiguchi Monchhichi Series

Daily necessities

Nowadays, Japanese made daily necessities, are used all over the world. 

We have cleansing foams, cosmetics products, diapers for babies, kitchen appliance  and many more.
These items are extremely popular in america and china, and lots of retail stores order them from us.

Hario Coffee Supplies

Warming Eye Pillow

SKATER Lunch Box

Benriner Series

stationery goods

Selling high quality Japanese office and stationery goods.

Brand name Japanese made ball point pens and mechanical pencils.
Also providing business cards cases and can make special ones upon request as a novelty item for your own company!!

Uni POSCA Series

Pilot Frixion Series

Kuretake Gansai Series

Gel Ball Point Pen

adult toys

We sell popular and high quality Japanese adult goods and humor + practical jokes goods.
When it comes to Japanese adult sex toys, we can provide the lowest prices anywhere!

TENGA Series

Pepee Lotion

Magic Eyes Series


For more details please contact us!!

about our company

langrey Inc. is a Japanese distributor

about us

Langrey Inc. is a global trading company operating from Japan. Since we opened in 2012, 

we have steadily increased sales, and today we ship out approximately 10,000 items every month by using B2C all over the World. 

Average age in our company is 26 years old, we are creative, 

fast workers and highly organized. 

We ship Japanese products to our customers/business operators around the World every single day.

Business concept

Our main business is global shipment of wholesale and retail items purchased on our online stores plus consulting for online selling and buying principles. 

After 2 years of retail sales experience, 

we maintain a good manufacture/supplier relationships and have knowledge and logistics to do PD and to have high quality B2B for online stores/ retail stores/ private owners.  

We offer wholesale services to over 100 companies in the United States, Europe, Australia, China and rest of Asian countries. 

Moreover, as we are a professional seller on Amazon, we do sales consulting mainly in Japan. 

We also operate PRIMA, a supporting sales tool on Amazon. 

our vision

We hope to built a “trading bridge” between Japan and countries around the World through these businesses. 

We would like to see a small company/manufacture in Japan having the ability to create a strong business relation

 with other companies and private people and around the world.

Our purpose is to help Japanese businesses spread their products, 

and people around the world are able to get their goods easily and comfortably, while putting smile on their face. 

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B2B contact information

Founder: Aviad Valler
Skype: world Bridge Aviad
Wechat: aviadv
Whatsapp: +81-8086381088
Tel: +81-8086381088 (9:00-18:00 GMT+9) 

Company Location: 
#401 Shiekinishi Building
6-2-2 Minatomachi , Matsuyama, Ehime 799-0012 Japan
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions for us?

Are there any additional fees?
No, payments are only for item price + shipping.

What are the payment methods?
Paypal or Bank Transfer (ACH, T/T)

Is there any inspection before purchase?
No, but before purchasing we have to confirm whether you are an actual company or not.
Your company details will be requested.

Can I use it as an individual?
Yes, if you are a reseller. (Retail prices will apply) 

Can I order even if I do not have an online store currently?
Yes, you can. Please leave the store name blank and apply with us.

what are the shipping options?
UPS, DHL, EMS, and container by sea available as well.
Lead time on most deliveries 3-7 days. (Exclude container)